Hands-on Domain Expertise

With over 150 years of cumulative experience running partner and developer ecosystems, our team has the hands-on domain expertise necessary to provide consultation from build out to best practice. We offer the following:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Best Practice Recommendations

Gap Analysis

We work with your organization to assess your plans to create a new ecosystem or to evaluate your existing ecosystem. There are five categories of your program that we analyze:

  • Acquisition
  • Onboarding
  • Product integration
  • Go-to-market
  • Support

After we complete our analysis, we deliver our findings, specifically calling attention to the areas of need.

Best Practice Recommendations

There are two forms of this offering:

The first is a product of our findings of a Gap Analysis. In this case, we provide recommendations to your team based on the specific areas of need, whether it is acquisition, onboarding, product integration, go-to-market, support, or all of the above.

The later is a less custom offering in which we work with your team to provide industry benchmarks in the aforementioned categories based of our expertise in the sphere and your organization’s firmographics.