Digital Ecosystem Orchestration

Platforms have been the driving force behind successful digital companies long before the term "Digital Economy" was even coined. Companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon all sell products and services delivered by platforms that are able to be extended and enhanced by developers. In order for your platform to thrive, you need to publish your developer documentation, create relationships with individual developers, onboard partner companies, and create a marketplace that allows prospects and customers to find the value-add from your platform.

This white paper shows you how to achieve this by creating and orchestrating your own digital ecosystem using Digital Ecosystem Orchestration.

Featuring topics such as:

Digital Economy, Digital Ecosystem, Partner Onboarding, Developer Relationships, Ecosystem Marketplace, Business Technology Platform

dpEngine and developer program examples across multpiple devices including desktop, laptop, and ipad

Trusted by Large Established Companies and Smaller Emerging Businesses

From Fortune 500 companies to rapidly-growing startups, dpEngine increases revenue and shareholder value.

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