Learn How We Empowered Avaya

Formed in 2002, Avaya had the goal to give the people who knew the business best the flexibility and focus to accelerate innovation and improve operations. As a recognized innovator leading business communications, Avaya launched their developer and technology partner program, DevConnect, shortly there after.

During the initial growing stage, Avaya leveraged a small team of programmers to build and manage the portal. Because the portal was brittle, and prone to breakage whenever new program elements were being introduced, Avaya was continually worried about areas of DevConnect failing. So, in 2012, Avaya contracted developerprogram.com to conduct a gap analysis relative to best practices, and then decided to revamp their developer program, leveraging dpEngine.

dpEngine and developer program examples across multpiple devices including desktop, laptop, and ipad

Trusted by Large Established Companies and Smaller Emerging Businesses

From Fortune 500 companies to rapidly-growing startups, dpEngine increases revenue and shareholder value.

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