Equip Your Technical Writers

Leveraging markdown, our documentation software, dpSlate, is an easy-to-use editor that provides your technical writers a route to hassle-free publishing.

DpSlate: Documentation Software

Our documentation software, dpSlate, makes it easier for your technical writers to publish documents in the format developers want. Using markdown, a simple format for authoring document content, your technical writers can create technical documentation that is consistent and optimized for the needs of developers.

When integrated with dpEngine, dpSlate documents can be edited hassle-free on your staging environment. After the edit is complete, dpEngine will automatically rebuild your dpSlate document, inserting your site’s headers and footers.

dpSlate documents can contain an automatically generated Table of Contents; the body of your content and code samples are organized and divided by programing language, just the way your developers want it.

Enabling Technical Writers to Publish for Developers

  • Multi-Column
  • Stand-Alone
  • Title Page
  • Language Sensitive
  • Table of Contents
  • Document Search
  • Markdown
  • Preview to Publish

Optimized to Work With DpEngine

dpSlate is designed and optimized to work with our ecosystem management software, dpEngine, to provide an advanced revision control, configuration control, document build process, and separate staging and production sites on the web for your document authors.

Users who can edit dpSlate documents will be able to do so on a web-based authoring and publishing environment. dpSlate’s environment will automatically build and refresh the edited on your staging site for your inspection.

When you are happy with the document, you can publish it directly to your production site.