Proven Authority in the sphere

As a product of our rich domain expertise managing application developer or partner ecosystems, we have developed a content library that can assist your organization launching, maintaining, scaling, and revamping your developer or partner program.

Case Study: Hear from a 4X Customer

Marc Naddell has worked with in multiple different capacities during his time at Motorola, Nokia, Navteq, and MediaTek. As a customer for over 14 years, he has experienced the vast majority of our offerings and can attest to the way our platforms and services empower your developer or partner programs.

White Paper: More Than a Website

As an established or a budding platform company, you will most likely have two business ecosystems that you will need to build: a developer program and a partner program. This white paper dives into how to succeed in rolling out such programs.

Video Series: The Internet of Things

At the IoT World 2017 event, met with key leaders in the Internet of Things sphere, to discuss the impacts of IoT and the best approaches to making it accessible. Check it out to hear from companies such as Autodesk, T-Mobile, and Ciklum about their successes and challenges as a result of the IoT's rapid growth.