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“Single Place of Truth”

Over the past 9 months or so here at, I have had the privilege of sitting down with some of our customers and listening to their stories - how they were introduced to us, what their experience has been, and how their respective organizations have been impacted by our offerings. These conversations have not only been incredibly interesting but have provided great insights, allowing me to understand our organization from the outside in.

Recently, I had a discussion with Olivier Wellmann, VP Product Management, and Michael Schiffini, Head of Product Partnerships, at Conviva. They provided me a history of Conviva's developer program and candidly articulated the relationship between Conviva and

What I found most interesting about our interaction was a point Olivier made about their developer program - that it serves as the single place of truth. Before I dive into this point, let me first give you a brief overview for context.

As the world’s most powerful Quality of Experience (QoE) platform, Conviva partners with top tier media companies and premium OTT video broadcasters and operators. In response to device integration challenges that Conviva and its customers were facing, Conviva recognized a critical need for a developer program.

Originally built as an internally hosted developer site managed by an internal engineering time, Conviva's developer program was difficult to navigate, lacked tracking features and KPI management, and did not solve device integration challenges. Consequently, Conviva decided to revamp their developer program, leveraging dpEngine from

Since launching the program at CES in 2016, Conviva has continued to deepen its partnership with, introducing components such as: monthly newsletters, community performance tracking, KPIs, and additional SDKs. As a result, the community today is very clean, and given that it is updated almost daily, it serves as the single place of truth for partners, customers, and internal stakeholders.

So, there it is, the phrase "the single place of truth". For Conviva, their developer community is the single place of truth. Engineering documentation is regularly synced to the developer site so at any point developers, whether internally focused or externally focused, can reference the site and know with certainty the information is up to date and accurate.

Though a lot of companies don't consider this, it is absolutely imperative to the overall success of a developer program, and consequently the entire API Ecosystem. Why? It directly affects developer retention, which in turn affects the ability to create a successful partner program that can add points of monetization to the organization creating a virtuous cycle of success (to learn more about this virtuous cycle, check out this White Paper).

Regardless of whether or not you are in the sphere of the API Ecosystem, consider how your organization, like Conviva, can implement a single place of truth. Interested in learning more about Conviva’s developer program and how empowered the organization? Check out the full Case Study.