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Don’t Fall Short in 2018

In my recent post, “Top 9 Developer Portal Mistakes”, I provided nine critical areas that help you inspect your existing developer community with the hopes of initiating change. One of the areas that I touched on was Manual Submissions & Workflows. The reason that this type of setup is not best practice is because with manual submissions and workflows, you are simply creating more work for your internal team, slowing down the approval process for developers.

One of our clients, Avaya, had this problem when they came to us for help. Though at the time Avaya was delivering something on all areas critical to a successful developer program, the depth usability, and completeness of some of the areas fell short. This was because:

  • The program was labor intensive and manual with no workflow engine
  • The aesthetics were unpolished; there were pages and pages of links that had been handcrafted but couldn’t be effectively maintained.
  • There was a lot of continuous re-coding required and a need to change existing records and database structures.

Due to the limitations of the in-house infrastructure, there was no way to scale the program in the way that was desired. So, Avaya brought our team into the mix to help them adopt a more robust technology platform that would deliver a modern and improved user experience. In just a short period of time, Avaya, leveraging dpEngine, relaunched their developer portal, DevConnect.

What does this mean for you?

Well, with the new year, there’s no better time to start fresh, implementing technology that can rapidly accelerate growth and exponential increase potential. For Avaya, it was important to:

  • Improve online documentation capabilities
  • Drive awareness for new products while supporting the old ones
  • Improve support ticketing and related metrics
  • Help product teams reach the developer community

You might have similar goals, or different ones; however, if they are in the realm of the API Ecosystem, I would encourage you to check out this case study to learn more about how can help you achieve your developer + partner program goals in 2018.