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Two Approaches to Educating Developers or Partners

As a quick review of my recent post, “Let Them Stand on You Shoulders”, you must enhance your organization’s go-to-market strategy with initiatives that leverage external parties. Taking a collaborative approach empowers you to maximize the potential of your existing and future solutions. To support this endeavor, it’s critical to have an ecosystem in place that enhances the full lifecycle of your developers or partners.

The ecosystem, sometimes referred to as a platform, portal or program, that supports this type of technology solution build out is naturally only as strong as its participants. In this post, I will break down two complementary approaches that ensure success in onboarding and education of these third parties.

1. Keep It Simple and Straightforward

After successfully attracting developers or partners to your program, it’s imperative that you help familiarize them with your portal. There are certainly multiple ways of doing so, but one that stands out as a forerunner is offering an guided training of the portal’s capabilities. This type of experience will allow the user to learn the ins and the outs of the program through a flow that parallels the user funnel. For example, the onboarding steps of your developer program might be:

  • Learn the basics of the API through a sample app tutorial
  • Build an app using the API
  • Ask for help from a forum
  • Test the finished app
  • Share the success of the app with other members
  • Participate in the forum by helping someone else

Advancing your developers or partners through a series of behaviors will deliver value to them, to your customers, and to your business. The best way to develop this type of onboarding process is to evaluate the user funnel and provide accompanying resources for every stage.

2. Provide Resources for Every Stage

Understanding the user funnel and creating supplementary resources for every phase plays a critical factor in your developer or partner program’s return on investment. As users mature, they will consequently increase the value of your organization. Take a look at the graphic below to get a better understanding of each stage:

developer funnel blog

Creating a content library that supports the lifecycle of a developer or partner will enhancing the overall experience with your program. To complement the onboarding and education of your users, your portal should provide a dashboard that is customized for each user to allow them to show their own progress through the journey and allowing them to understand the benefits of moving through this journey. In doing so, they will recognize that your organization is providing great value to them, an incentive to continue to participate in the program.

Stay tuned – in the coming weeks, I will provide tips and tricks to enhance the support and submission experience for all stakeholders. In the meantime, for additional information on how to effectively create such an ecosystem, visit: