- Traveling Superman Cape Award

Traveling Superman Cape Award

Our team works hard every day to help our customers build developer and partner programs that flourish in today's digital economy. Every so often, some of our team members break the bonds of normal human limitations and become superhuman.

We call them Superheroes.

When this happens we like to give special awards to recognize their achievements, celebrate their tremendous levels of awesome, and thank them for all of their hard work. We recently gave out three of these awards: the Traveling Superman Cape, the Goalie, and the MacGyver Awards.

The Traveling Superman Cape award gets its name from a literal Superman cape (seen below) that is passed from recipient to recipient. It is given to anyone that jumps in to help a colleague out of a jam, goes above and beyond to fix a critical issue, puts in the extra time to deliver a customer project, or fights of the invading hordes of the evil Darkseid. So far no one has managed that fourth one but Ethan Whaley did deserve the award for his incredible efforts.

traveling superman cape at the offices

As a Senior Customer Success Manager, Ethan managed to launch two new customers simultaneously all while he continued to support all of his other clients. We we would like to thank him for his commitment to our customers, his attention to detail, and always surpassing what is called for in his "job description" to give help wherever it is needed!

The Goalie Award was given to Shawn Fike for consistently batting down all of the pucks we never stop lobbing at him. Just for the record, those ARE metaphorical pucks. Shawn works daily to create great products but is often called upon to deliver enhancements and integrations and troubleshoot what can often be complex problems.

Stephanie Elko received the MacGyver Award for thinking outside the box and coming up with a unique solution for one of our customers. While it is in no way surprising that Stephanie helped troubleshoot the issue (she squashes bugs quite regularly), it is amazing that she found a solution for a database issue (which she does not work with regularly).

Once again, thanks to Ethan, Shawn, and Stephanie for all of your hard work!

Just for fun we asked them some superhero related questions.

Ethan Whaley

Who is your favorite superhero?

"Superman. He pretty much has all of the super powers, and lives in a sweet Fortress of Solitude."

Would you choose flight or invisibility as a superpower?

"Flight is so much fun. Invisibility seems like it�s just going to get you in trouble. Plus if you�re Superman you probably don�t need to be invisible."

Shawn Fike

Who is your favorite superhero?

"Superman. I always loved him as a kid and the Christopher Reeve movie just cemented that."

Would you choose flight or invisibility as a superpower?

"Flight, hands-down. I've always had a fascination with flight and am currently working towards getting a pilot's license."

Stephanie Elko

Who is your favorite superhero?

"Dr. Strange. He may not be the fastest or the strongest, but he was dedicated to making himself mentally stronger and that allowed him to have powers that go beyond brute force. He's able to see back to learn from the past and see forward to anticipate the future and manipulate space to his needs. Most importantly, he knows how best to use those powers to make the best of the situation at hand."

Would you choose flight or invisibility as a superpower?

"I would choose invisibility as my super power because I like to stay quiet and observe a situation so I can plan how to respond or intervene before I actually insert myself into the situation. As a bonus, you can make a hobby of making people think their houses are haunted."

Note: The latin, "Ut Bigas, Gratias Tibi" on the award seal above means, "As a team, we thank you".