- Traveling Superman Cape Award - January 2019

Traveling Superman Cape Award - January 2019

It's that time again, the Traveling Superman Cape Award!

As you may know, we like to give special awards to recognize our employees' achievements, celebrate their tremendous levels of awesome, and thank them for all of their hard work. Last week we gave out the Traveling Superman Cape and Caffeine Awards.

If you missed our last installment, the Traveling Superman Cape Award gets its name from an actual Superman cape (seen below) that is passed from recipient to recipient. It is given to anyone that jumps in to help a colleague out of a jam, goes above and beyond to fix a critical issue, puts in the extra time to deliver a customer project, or fights of the invading hordes of the evil Darkseid. This month, Taylor Teets earned the award for handling an epic move to our new office location. She not only found the new location, she arranged for all of our stuff to be moved, managed the buildout out the new offices, and even got our new keycards and parking permits ready before any of us walked in the door.

traveling superman cape at the offices

Although Taylor did quite a bit of the figurative and literal heavy lifting, she did have heroic assistance from our IT guru, Rusty Myers. He was in very early every day in order to get all of our infrastructure ready for the move. We can only assume that he went through copious amounts of caffeine in order to get through the final few weeks then actually move all of our phones, wifi, etc. This has earned him the Caffeine Award (which comes with free coffee to help reimburse him for all the coffee he bought on his way to work).

From everyone at, Taylor and Rusty, thank you for all of your hard work!

Just for fun we asked them some superhero related questions.

Taylor Teets

Who is your favorite superhero?

"Spider-Man. He fights for justice and for doing the right thing. He has experienced personal tragedy, yet perseveres to better the world. While he is a superhero, he is also flawed and makes mistakes which he must figure out how to come back from. I believe him to be a very relatable character."

Would you choose flight or invisibility as a superpower?

"I would choose invisibility. With the weather in Texas and general climate change, I feel like flight would difficult."

Rusty Myers

Who is your favorite superhero?

"Green Lantern."

Would you choose flight or invisibility as a superpower?

"As a superhero with other abilities, flight to get from place to place quickly. As a superpower for a regular person, invisibility for getting in and out of tight situations."

Note: The latin, "Ut Bigas, Gratias Tibi" on the award seal above means, "As a team, we thank you".