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Your Site Won't Cut It

We run into prospects daily that have an existing site that hosts their API documentation and SDKs. Because this information is readily available to developers and partners, they are convinced they are running an effective developer or partner program. Sure, it may find success, or even be experiencing success, but to truly maximize developer and or partner programs, it’s imperative to build an ecosystem.

What’s the difference between an ecosystem and a program you ask? Great question. We’ve built this equation to help break it down: ecosystem diagram

So given this equation, an ecosystem is the community of interacting internal team members and external stakeholders and their infrastructural environment.

With that said, a simple HTML site just won’t make the cut. It’s practically impossible to stimulate interaction with all parties or to build community on a single or even a few HTML pages.

What’s the alternative then? In order to maximize the potential of your existing and future solutions within an ecosystem, you must have an infrastructure that supports community. It’s possible to build your own, but this will require significant time and resources. An alternative is to leverage automated ecosystem management software. In doing so, your technical documentation page(s) will transform from a site into a portal. With automated workflows, role-based access, support ticketing, and forums, automated ecosystem management software ensures that the developers and partners involved in building out your offerings are now included in not only a greater developer and or partner community but also a greater ecosystem.

The benefit to such a structure is vast, including the coordination amongst internal teams, alignment between internal teams and external parties, increased efficiency in the development and submission process, and return on investment. To check out additional benefits and to learn more about why your technical documentation needs to be displayed on more than just a site, check out this robust white paper: More Than A Website.