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20 Questions

In every industry, there is a standard level of excellence that we often call “best practice.” We are (or at least we should be) continuously evaluating ourselves, our work, our infrastructure to ensure that we are on a path to achieve these benchmarks.

We’ve noticed that can be particularly tricky for those who have a role in an API ecosystem. The main issue – they just don’t know what questions to ask. In response to this dilemma, we’ve created a guide to help stakeholders evaluate their API ecosystems with the goal of improving reputation by increasing developer + partner satisfaction.

Here’s a sneak peak at 20 of the questions included:
  1. What is the journey from API / SDK Publishing to Marketplace?
  2. How well are you optimizing opportunities to monetize?
  3. What does the buy-in look like from internal uses and stakeholders?
  4. How many APIs do you have that need to be published?
  5. Do you have Getting Started Guides, Tutorials, and / or Troubleshooting Guides?
  6. Are you leveraging Continuous Integration (CI)?
  7. Where do your developers access documentation?
  8. Are there tools that developers can download?
  9. Do you associate developers with companies?
  10. Do you have a ticketing support system in place?
  11. What types of partners do you manage in your portal?
  12. Do you have tiers for your partners?
  13. Do you leverage a workflow for approval of partner sign-up?
  14. Do you use support workflows for certification and compatibility testing?
  15. How many different marketplaces do you have?
  16. Do partners submit their own marketing materials about their offerings?
  17. Do you support press releases or other announcements on the listing of new solutions?
  18. Do you support purchasing and real-time fulfillment on the marketplace?
  19. Is purchasing done with credit cards, invoices, or both?
  20. What is the overall status of your API ecosystem?

Intrigued? Dive into this part questionnaire, part eBook to learn more about increasing developer + partner engagement that will consequently increase your shareholder value.