Who We Serve

Who We Serve

dpEngine is our Software as a Service platform that enables you to quickly build a self-service developer or partner program.
dpPeople service helps you launch, grow, and sustain a developer program quickly and cost-effectively.

I need to launch my API(s) and attract developers, but don't have the means to do that.

You have a great API, SDK, or platform, but you need to get developers using it to succeed. Developers make your platform relevant.

My partner network is complex and expanding, and I need an efficient, scalable system to manage it.

You have a great product offering, but you need partners to turn it into a solution; that includes ISVs, SIs, OEMs, VARs, and Partner solutions = increased revenue.

My business network has many different stakeholders with different needs. I need a role-based information exchange system driven by my business processes.

You need to build another type of ecosystem. It could be for resellers, distributors, investors, clients, portfolio companies etc.

Developer Ecosystem

Creating and retaining a good developer network is critical to the success of an API-based business. Developers are highly technical and generally picky with the technologies they work with, so it is absolutely crucial that you have a developer program that is professional and provides a great developer experience that retains your developers. You will need to create an intuitive user registration system that then allows the developer to access SDKs and API documentation pertaining to your technologies. You will need to provide the developer with a trouble ticketing system to rapidly address and answer their questions and issues. The developer will then need an easy way to submit their apps to you for certification and approval, based on which you will create an app catalog for your audience and an ecommerce capability to go along with it. On top of that, you need to continuously communicate with developers through emails, newsletters, and events. And you need the reporting and analytics to manage this complex network of developers. dpEngine provides the the one-stop-shop developer experience that will drive the success of your developer ecosystem.

Partner Ecosystem

Your partner program is a vital channel to market for your company’s offerings. But you have many different types of partners with different tiers of partner benefits. Each partner has a different need in terms of registration process, program benefits, program fees, certification requirements, terms and conditions and so on. How do you stay on top of all that in an efficient and scalable way? One approach is to take the partner through a number of disjointed steps – contact your accounting department for fee payments, contact your marketing department for marketing collateral, contact your engineering group for technical issue support. Or, you can provide a more unified and integrated partner experience through a single platform that conveys the professionalism and ease-of-doing-business-with that your company is all about. That platform is dpEngine.

Custom Business Ecosystem

Your business network consists of a wide range of stakeholders, whether they are distributors, resellers, investors, or customers. And you need to find a way to efficiently and securely share various types of information with them, while they navigate through your organization’s defined business processes. Creating disparate systems for them is cost-prohibitive and a significant management burden, and driving business processes by manual emails and reviews is not scalable. You need a highly scalable, automated information exchange platform that admits/manages users, shares information based on their roles, takes them through your business processes in a seamless manner, and provides you with the capabilities to communicate and manage your entire ecosystem in a controlled, coordinated way. dpEngine has the proven capabilities to provide you with just that.

  Developer Ecosystem Partner Ecosystem Custom Business Ecosystem
dpEngine Software Platform:      
Role-based information access
Terms/Conditions/Contract manager
Configuring business process management
Technical documentation presentation    
Communication: Emails, forums
Support ticketing  
Catalogs and eCommerce    
Reporting & Analytics
Contest & Event Management    
dpPeople Services      
Management Consulting  
Program Management  
Content Management & Design
Developer & Partner Support  
Technical Writing & API Docs  

dpEngine is a full-featured, easy-to-use software platform that can manage most aspects of online business ecosystems.