Our Offerings

Design & CMS

Highly skinnable infrastructure allows for unique user experiences with full brand compliance.

E-mail Notifications

Notify internal and external users about meaningful changes to tickets, tests, invoices, catalog entries, workflow state transitions, and more.

Business Process

Design business processes that make sense for your organization, including the ability to set who can make changes (roles) and who gets notified.

Form Builder

Easily add fields to forms throughout the system using a drag-and-drop interface. Set up who can see and edit fields, required fields, help text, and default values.


Powerful, flexible registration module capable of handling multi-step user and company registration processes and LinkedIn-style profile building.

Company Management

Full company-level management of users, roles, ticketing access, testing access, contracts and more.

Recruitment Management

Track potential partners/developers from contact through to full portal membership.

Terms & Conditions

Associate terms and conditions with almost every entity within the dpEngine, and further automate your workflow.

User Management

Management of user roles, contact information, forum administration and more.


Manage contracts through an e-signature process, including the ability to create custom one-off agreements.

Test Management

Robust, integrated test management including the ability to meter usage, and automatically route test requests to test engineers/managers based on product.


Create multiple ticket types for different types of issues and automatically route issues to the correct support team based on the product or issue type.

Community Forums

Industry standard forum functionality allowing for thread creation, sticky posts, emoji, avatars and moderation.


Robust catalog builder tools provides multiple catalog creation capability, commenting and rating of catalog entries.


Full shopping cart functionality with product database and discount/coupon support.


Configurable dashboards allow for actionable role-specific data to "bubble up" to the right users at the right time.


Standard and advanced reporting and analytics for regular and one-off reporting requirements.

Our Services

We have extensive experience managing developer and partner ecosystems on behalf of our customers, and can provide 1-stop software + services for you on a managed service basis.

Management Consulting

Our team has built some of the best developer and partner ecosystems on the planet! We can provide you with management consulting and advice on how to design your ecosystems around best practices.

Program Management

Don’t have the staff to manage your online business ecosystems like developer programs? Worry not, we can provide experienced program managers who can effectively manage your ecosystem and take it to the next level.

Content Management & Design

Our staff is highly experienced in state-of-art approaches to portal design and content management. The success of any online ecosystem hinges upon high quality, regular content updates, and we can help you accomplish that.

Technical Writing & API Documentation

Whether it is product documentation or API documentation, it is imperative to have simple, easy-to-understand documentation to support your developer ecosystems. Our technical writers are developers who understand what it takes to effectively communicate in writing while providing sample code and other supportive tools.

Developer & Partner Support

Your developers, partners and other ecosystem users will inevitably have questions and support needs. Why not have us provide the first tier of support to these important stakeholders since we understand their needs better than most people?

Developer & Partner Outreach

The value and effectiveness of your developer or partner ecosystem is a strong function of the quality and quantity of your developers and partners. We can help you recruit members and maintain a steady stream of value-added communication with your members.

Whether you are setting up a developer, partner or business ecosystem, dpEngine makes it easy to set up and manage. Choose a plan to get started.