Developer or Partner Ecosystem Automation is Not Rocket Science has been there and done that. And we have bottled up our lessons into the most comprehensive software platform for powering your online business ecosystems. It is called dpEngine™.

Who We Serve We serve any business network of interconnecting and interacting elements.

Developer Ecosystem

You have a great API, SDK, or platform, but you need to get developers using it to succeed. Developers make your platform relevant.

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Partner Ecosystem

You have a great product offering, but you need partners to turn it into a solution; that includes ISVs, SIs, OEMs, VARs, etc.

Partner solutions = increased revenue.

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Custom Business Ecosystem

You need to build another type of ecosystem. It could be for resellers, distributors, investors, clients, or portfolio companies.

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What We Do

Mix awesome people with an awesome product and awesome entrepreneurial culture…and you get

For 15 years, we have created and managed online business ecosystems for our customers with a focus on application developer and partner program. Speak with our customers, and they will tell you we are very good at it.

dpEngine™ is our full-featured, integrated software platform and dpPeople is our complement of value-added services for managing online business ecosystems such as developer and partner programs.

We don’t just say the buzz words and simply throw some code around – we actually sit side-by-side with you to create and maintain your developer or partner program. With our incredible in-house resources, and brilliant technical teams, we are able to increase the value of your business through superior online business ecosystems.

Let us show you why our customers say we are the best. We have been in your shoes.

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Why Us?

We have been in your shoes and have learned the lessons through our customers.

We have amassed significant experience and translated that into best practices that are implemented in our dpEngine software platform and our dpPeople services offering.

We have served a wide range of Fortune 500 class customers and partners.

Our configurable dpEngine platform provides all of the key functionality required to implement successful developer, partner or other online ecosystems.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, medium-sized company, or a startup; whether your audience is tens, hundreds or thousands, we can provide an offering that suits your requirements and budget.

Responsive customer service is a hallmark of our work for our customers. Our long history, experienced team, and entrepreneurial culture provides the agility required to serve our customers that our competitors do not provide.

Build platforms for innovation using dpEngine and dpPeople.

dpEngine is our Software as a Service platform that enables you to quickly build a self-service developer or partner program.
dpPeople service helps you launch, grow, and sustain a developer program quickly and cost-effectively.

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Used by many Fortune 500 companies, dpEngine is a full-featured, easy-to-use software platform that can manage most aspects of online business ecosystems. Powered by role-based information access capabilities and a highly configurable business process engine, dpEngine is the right software platform to manage your developer programs, partner programs, or other such business ecosystems.

We have extensive experience managing developer and partner ecosystems on behalf of our customers, and can provide 1-stop software + services for you on a managed service basis.

Management consulting

Our team has built some of the best developer and partner ecosystems on the planet! We can provide you with management consulting and advice on how to design your ecosystems around best practices.

Program management

Don’t have the staff to manage your online business ecosystems like developer programs? Worry not, we can provide experienced program managers who can effectively manage your ecosystem and take it to the next level.

Content management & design

Our staff is highly experienced in state-of-art approaches to portal design and content management. The success of any online ecosystem hinges upon high quality, regular content updates, and we can help you accomplish that.

Technical writing & API documentation

Whether it is product documentation or API documentation, it is imperative to have simple, easy-to-understand documentation to support your developer ecosystems. Our technical writers are developers who understand what it takes to effectively communicate in writing while providing sample code and other supportive tools.

Developer & Partner support

Your developers, partners and other ecosystem users will inevitably have questions and support needs. Why not have us provide the first tier of support to these important stakeholders since we understand their needs better than most people?

Developer & Partner outreach

The value and effectiveness of your developer or partner ecosystem is a strong function of the quality and quantity of your developers and partners. We can help you recruit members and maintain a steady stream of value-added communication with your members.

Successful products are platforms for innovation. Learn how 3rd party developers can extend your product platform.

Our team

Bhavesh loves all things technology, whether it is rocket science, computer science or data science. When he is not working with our exceptional team at, he likes to spend time with his lovely wife and two young sons. In his spare time, he loves to climb mountains, run marathons for charity, ride his road bike, and play the tabla.

Bhavesh PatelPresident/CEO

Laurie is passionate about delighting customers and delivering creative solutions. When she is not working with her rock star team, she is hanging out with her amazing husband, at a triathlon, or supporting University of Oklahoma football.

Laurie AllenSVP, Operations & Account Management

Steve has worked in or has managed developer and partner programs most of his adult life. He loves to travel, meet people and help solve problems. Steve's wife was born in Hong Kong, his son is British and his daughter is American - he sure gets around!

Steve GlagowEVP, Business Development

Paul loves innovation and software.  He has always worked in software with a passion of building software products that customers love.  When not helping customers build out their ecosystems, he mentors young entrepreneurs and lectures at UC Berkeley.  He can often be spotted in his walking shoes on the sidewalks of his home city of San Francisco.

Paul NergerSVP, Strategic Account & Product Management

With over 20 years of experience in software sales management, Dale has deep expertise at building strategic customer relationships, and his passion for customer success is the foundation of the culture for the sales organization. When Dale is not selling, he is usually hiking with his wife and two kids or racing sailboats on San Francisco Bay.

Dale ScogginVP, Sales